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80 percent of what we learn is transmitted to the brain through our eyes.
The only organ more complex than the eyes is the brain.  Over half of your brain's surface is dedicated to processing visual information.   
Your eyes contain the fastest moving and the most active muscles in your body. 
The muscles controlling eye movement are constantly adjusting the eye's position. 
How fast is the "blink of an eye?"  A third of a second, but can be as fast as a tenth of a second. 
When engaged in computer work you may blink as low as once per minute. 
Believe it or not, your eyes can focus on about 50 things per second.  In reality, you "see" with your brain.   

Image Courtesy of Macmillan Juma

Image Courtesy of Bronisław Dróżka

Light is transmitted from the retina to millions of specialized cells.  Although unresponsive to color, 120 million rod cells are highly sensitive to light and provide low-light vision.  6 million cones facilitate color vision with dedicated red, green, and blue receptor cells.   
Blueish-yellow is an "impossible" or "forbidden" color. The retina receives signals from only one of the color pairs, but not both at once. 
During a comprehensive eye exam, certain health conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure can be detected.
Wearing an improper prescription can result in headaches, blurriness, dizziness, and eye fatigue.  
Reduce eye fatigue when working at a computer by following the 20/20/20 rule.  .
Cataracts and glaucoma are the leading causes of blindness worldwide and vision loss in the United States.

Image Courtesy of Emmanuel Lefebvre

Smoking doubles the risk for developing cataract and can even triple it for heavy smokers. 
No two iris are identical, each iris has over 250 unique identifiable characteristics while fingerprints have only 40.

Stare at the logo for about 15 seconds and watch as the colors fade away.  When you change focus, the colors reappear!

Reading in dim light will cause your eyes to tire more quickly. 
Visit our desktop page for more illusions and fun facts.

Image Courtesy of Shaun Goldman

Blue eyed people do not have blue pigment in their irises.  A lack of melanin allows the light entering to scatter more and reflect blue similar to how the sky or water appear blue. 
Your cornea is the only tissue in your body without blood vessels. It receives most of its nutrients from tear fluids and the inner fluids of the eye.  
The eyes of a colossal squid are about the size of a soccer ball, and are the largest among the animal kingdom. 
Scallops can have up to 200 eyes that work like finely calibrated mirrors, allowing it to see centrally and peripherally simultaneously. 

Believe it or not, there is only one shade of blue in the image below.

Image Courtesy of Shaun Goldman

Some animals such as birds, cats, and dogs have a third eyelid that moves horizontally across the eye.
During daylight, tigers see about as well as humans, but with less detail.
Having 2 eyes provides us with sharper depth perception and the ability to assess or surroundings with greater accuracy. 
Dolphins sleep with one eye open. 
Dog eyes cannot detect red or green and can only see in shades of blue and yellow.

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