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Single vision lenses
– the most widely used spectacle lenses.

Enjoy perfect vision when carrying out near viewing tasks or when looking into the distance. ZEISS single vision lenses are the best solution for short-sighted and long-sighted wearers. These lenses are fitted to the particular wearer and are optimised for good vision even in the periphery of the lens. Moreover, they're thin and aesthetically appealing for the wearer.

Single vision lenses from ZEISS.

Experience excellent wearing comfort.

Perfect for your first pair of glasses, glasses for children or standard everyday glasses: ZEISS single vision lenses are used for both distance vision and reading – the two most common reasons people wear glasses. What's the difference? With reading glasses, the single vision lenses are optimised for vision in the near zone and personally fitted to the long-sighted reader's standard reading distance. These lenses are great not only for books, but also for reading smaller font sizes on a smartphone or tablet. Long-sighted wearers usually have blurry vision in the near zone and sometimes when looking into the distance. 

Long-sightedness results from an image being focused behind the retina, resulting in a blurry image. With short-sightedness, however, objects in the distance appear blurry because the short-sighted eye focuses images in front of the retina rather than on it. An optimally fitted pair of distance lenses can help you see clearly when looking at objects which are far away.


A short adaptation period, superb visual clarity. You'll hardly notice you're wearing these glasses at all.

ZEISS single vision lenses can be fitted by an optician to perfectly accommodate the wearer's vision needs and reading habits.

Uncompromisingly precise – no matter if they're reading or distance lenses, guaranteeing excellent wearer tolerance and a quick adaptation period.


Aesthetically thin, exceptionally light. Uncompromising design.

No matter if they're made of plastic or glass: cutting-edge production methods enable the manufacture of incredibly thin, light lenses, even with a high prescription and special visual impairments. You'll barely notice you're wearing these lightweight champions at all.


Benefits of ZEISS Single Vision Lenses

Optical performance in the lens periphery is designed for frequent changes of head and eye position driven by the way we interact with our hand-held devices while on the move. The new design provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur. It facilitates peripheral vision with a more natural dynamic interaction.

  • Better sight at night: ZEISS Single Vision Lenses are available with i.Scription® technology for even greater contrasts and color intensity.

  • Access to leading edge technology: e.g. the most durable ever ZEISS coating DuraVision® Platinum UV as well as self-tinting PhotoFusion lenses.

  • Better vision and a larger range of products; products – from conventional to totally individualized – to serve all wearer needs.


All-day clear and comfortable vision.

Take on everything your eyes face today with ZEISS SmartLife Lenses.

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